Programme Description Diploma in Pharmacy (R/727/4/0017)
Programme Structure 
  • Duration: 3 years
  • Mode of Study : Full Time
  • Semesters : 6 long (14 weeks) + 2 short (7 weeks)
  • Credit Hours : 103
  • KPJ Healthcare University College, Nilai   (February, June, September)
  • KPJ International College, Penang (June, September)
  • Diploma in Pharmacy from KPJ Healthcare University College.
  • Diploma in Pharmacy from KPJ International College, Penang.

Pass SPM or equivalent and 4 credits including Bahasa Malaysia and pass English, Mathematics or any one (1) of Science subjects;

(Priority will be given to candidates who have credit in Bahasa Malaysia, English, Matemathics and any one (1) of Science subjects)