Diploma In Culinary Arts

MQA No :FA 0592
MOE Reference :KPT/JPS R/812/4/0141(FA 0592)08/21
Duration :3 Years
Entry Requirement:
(1) PASS SPM with minimum 3 credits in any subject; OR
(2) PASS O-level with minimum C Grade in any 3 subject; OR
(3) PASS SKM (Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia) level 3 in Food Preparation or Pastry or Bakery AND PASS SPM with minimum 1 credit in any subject; OR
(4) PASS UEC with minimum B Grade in any 3 subject; OR
(5) PASS Sijil Kolej Komuniti AND PASS SPM with minimum 1 credit in any subject; OR
(6) PASS certificate level in related field with minimum CGPA 2.00; OR
(7) PASS STPM with minimum C Grade (NGMP 2.0) in any subject; OR
(8) PASS STAM with minimum rank Maqbul level.
Brief Description of the Programme
The program offers a strong foundation for students who aspire to become a career – driven individual in the local and international culinary industry. A sound in-depth education in Culinary Arts.
It provides the necessary supervisory and technical skills that will prepare the student for a career in restaurants or related hospitality operations. It offers an entrepreneurial path to the graduate of this program to begin his/her own culinary business.
Who should be joining?
School leavers.
Employees of culinary industry.
Any individual who has the spirit or perseverance to work in the culinary industry. He/She must have the full commitment, vision and belief that the culinary industry would be a better career opportunity.
Career prospects
Chef at Restaurants / Hotels / Resorts / Cruise.Entrepreneur operating restaurant / caterer / food truck.Foodservice in health /medical / army and many more institutions.Chef at Restaurants / Hotels / Resorts / Cruise.
Entrepreneur operating restaurant / caterer / food truck.
Foodservice in health /medical / army and many more institutions.
Specialist in food manufacturing.
Culinary Tutor.
Food Stylist.
Have the opportunity to work abroad.
Options for Academic Progression
Students may pursue study and progress in such programmes at offering universities locally and internationally:-
Bachelor Degree programme in Culinary Art
Bachelor Degree programme in Restaurant Operation
Bachelor Degree programme in Pastry & Bakery
Bachelor Degree in Culinology
What are the attractions about this Programme?
Industry oriented curricullum structure.
State-of-the-art and condusive learning facilities.
Six months Industrial Training within studies duration locally and internationally.Actively participate in culinary competitions.Industry experienced lecturers.
Salary guide for The Fresh Graduates
Job TitleSalary (RM)
Chef (Junior / Commis)1,300 – 2,200