Diploma in Health Information Management


Diploma in Health Information Management programme is designed to produce competent graduates in the area of Health and Medical Information Management especially in the function of Disease and Procedure Coding in Case-mix System based on International Classification of Disease (ICD10) to support and complement the dynamic healthcare service requirement. Basically, Health InformationManagement is the practice of acquiring, analyzing, and protecting digital medical information vital to provide quality patient care and optimum resource allocation. It is a combination of business, science and information technology where the Health Information Management (HIM) expert often serve in bridge roles, connecting clinical, operational, and administrative functions. At the end of the 3 year programme, students shall be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding in the establishment of Health / Medical Information Management System and its services. They would be able to competently review health and medical record content and apply systematic approach in managing health and medical information system. At KPJUC, the programme is also designed to ensure students gain teamwork and interpersonal skills in the provision of services which are appropriate to employment responsibilities.


Duration of Programme: Full Time (3 Years / 6 Long Semesters) Education Fees:
  1. Local: RM45,000
  2. International: RM50,000


Graduates will have broad career opportunities in various types of industries including government, private, public health and health insurance agency because health information management is the key ingredient in most organizations. A promising career awaits graduates in:
  • Medical Record Officer/Health Information Officer (Clinical Coder)
  • Insurance Coder
  • Marketing Officer
  • Information Officer


  1. Malaysian students:
      • Lulus SPM / SPMV atau kelayakan yang setaraf dan minimum tiga (3) kredit dalam mata pelajaran berikut;
      1. Bahasa Malaysia; dan
      2. Matematik atau Sains (Sains Tambahan, Sains Am, Fizik, Kimia, Biologi)
      3. Kredit dalam mana-mana satu (1) mata pelajaran lain
      4. Lulus Bahasa Inggeris
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